S. Bracco, F. Delfino, G. Piazza



PV Production Assessment Through Real Data of a Microgrid Pilot Facility

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Nowadays renewable energy sources are more and more used in microgrid applications; among them the photovoltaic technology has an important role due to its possible exploitation in many conditions and locations. However, the solar source is characterized by unpredictability and an intermittent behavior which must be faced using accurate forecasting tools. In the present paper a comparison between the experimental data coming from two PV plants installed within a microgrid in the north of Italy and the ones obtained through the PVGIS tool is described; the main performance parameters of the aforesaid PV plants as well as statistical indicators resulting from the comparison are shown.


Solar irradiance, PV production, microgrid, data analysis, pilot facility, university campus


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S. Bracco, F. Delfino, G. Piazza. (2019) PV Production Assessment Through Real Data of a Microgrid Pilot Facility. International Journal of Environmental Science, 4, 107-111


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