Kanagasuppurathinam, Coumaravel, Bagathi Ammal, Saravanane



Production and Characterization of Biochar From Different Sources of Biomass

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: The biochar was produced from different biomass and characterize it for physical and physicochemical properties. Biochar is produced from the pyrolysis of a variety of biomass materials viz., Coconut husk, coconut shell, paddy straw, rice husk, eichhornia, sugarcane bagasse, grass, cotton stalks, prosopis and neem wood in pyrolysis unit. The biochars differed much in their characteristics. Recovery of biochar was high in Prosopis showed its superiority over others in providing high pore space, higher pH, EC, CEC, organic C, total N, Mg, available nutrients and carbon fractions. The wood biochar viz., Prosopis wood biochar as superior one that can act as a soil conditioner and has the capacity to enhance supplying and retaining nutrients and by providing other benefits such as improving soil physical properties followed by cotton stalk biochar and drymatter biomass biochars. Considering the higher recovery and its distribution, resource of Prosopis can be harnessed. Due to the wide variations noticed among the different biomass, characterisation of biochar from each biomass becomes a pre requisite before mass production for agriculture purpose.


Biochar, biomass, Soil Science, Agricultural Chemistry


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