O. J. Oyelowo, A. M. Aduradola, O. N. Sulaiman



Physiochemical Characteristics of Soils in Two Sacred Groves of Southwestern, Nigeria

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Forest soils consists of the mineral that has been deposited across the topography of the landscape, acted upon by both biotic and abiotic factors. This study assessed soil physical and chemical parameters of two sacred groves of southwestern Nigeria. Each of the 50 x 50m study sites was divided into twenty five 5 x 5m2 quadrats. Ten out of the twenty five quadrats were randomly selected in each study site for sampling. Soil samples were collected (using soil auger) from the ten randomly selected quadrats at two depths: 0 - 15 and 15 - 30cm, in triplicates. Each set or the triplicate samples was bulked for each depth, enclosed in polybags and taken to the laboratory for analysis. The particle size distribution data showed that sand contents in the Igbo Ile and Igbo Oba sites were high, it ranged from 768 and 856gkg-1 and decreased with the depth of the profile. The general interpretation of pH ratings showed that soils from Igbo-Ile and Igbo-Oba are slightly alkaline (7.39, 7.38 & 7.30, 7.55) using at 0 -15cm & 15 -30cm FFD, 2002 standard. There were significant differences in Available P in both scared groves at 0 – 15cm and 15-30cm, but no significant difference in both N and Organic matter in Igbo-Ile and Igbo-Oba within the two depths (0 – 15cm and 15-30cm). The value of C.E.C showed that there was significant difference between the sacred groves at the two depths (0 – 15cm and 15-30cm). There was significant difference in the K value in the two sacred groves (0–15cm) with significant difference in Igbo-Ile and Igbo-Oba sacred groves at 15-30cm depth. There was significant difference in Ca content in Igbo-Ile and Igbo-Oba at both 0-15cm and 15-30cm depth. The Mg value in Igbo-Ile sacred grove was significantly different from Igbo-Oba sacred grove at 0-15cm but with no significant difference at 15-30cm. The higher values of parameters recorded in the study areas showed that sacred groves are less disturbed as the total soil organic carbon and nitrogen stocks were higher in the soils under both forests which therefore means that forest soils are richer in nutrient.


Soils, sacred grove, Igbo-Oba, Igbo-Ile, physical properties, chemical properties, depth, pH, organic carbon.


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