B. V. Omidiji, H. A. Owolabi, O. B. Ogundipe



Performance Evaluation of Refractory Bricks Produced from Ijero- Ekiti Quartz

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This study carries out physico-mechanical and thermal analyses of a produced bricks from Ijero-Ekiti Quartz. This was with the view to investigate the utilization of Ijero-Ekiti Quartz for the development of insulating refractory bricks. The rock samples were collected from the extraction site in Ijero-Ekiti, dried and then grinded into fine powders and then produced into bricks by the addition of selected binder and water to form moldable homogeneous plastic paste. The resulting bricks were dried and then sintered at a temperature of 1200 oC. Analysis were carried out on apparent porosity, Water Absorption (WA), bulk density, shrinkage test, cold crushing strength (CCS), Loss on Ignition (LOI) and Microstructural Examination using Scanning Electron Microscope Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (SEM-EDS) to investigate the refractory performance of the produced bricks. The apparent porosity of 43%, water absorption of 0.98%, bulk density of 1644 kg/m3, shrinkage value of 1.71%, cold crushing strength of 2.165 MPa, Loss on Ignition of 0.98% and Refractoriness 1571.68 oC gotten from the tested bricks were found to be within standard values for refractories. The Microstructural image also revealed homogeneity and the spread of silicon round the brick structure which is desired for refractory bricks as it indicates consistent properties and good thermal and mechanical properties.


Quartz; Refractory Bricks; Refractoriness; Rock Minerals; Refractory Properties; SEM-EDS


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B. V. Omidiji, H. A. Owolabi, O. B. Ogundipe. (2023) Performance Evaluation of Refractory Bricks Produced from Ijero- Ekiti Quartz. International Journal of Environmental Science, 8, 71-84


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