Dimitra Alexiou, Evlampia Athanailidou



Optimal Placement of Refugee Hot-Spots on Greek Islands

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In this paper, we propose an algorithm to recommend Greek Islands that can host refugees. The algorithm considers two conditions. The islands must be close to each other so that the transportation can easily serve the refugees without extra transportation costs and the cost of the new infrastructures is the minimum. The results showed that the Greek islands could host more than 100k refugees without suffering from overcrowding since the number of refugees will be significantly smaller than the number of locals. There is a mass influx of refugees in Greece for several reasons, such as the war taking place in developing countries or poverty. Refugees seek safe places for a better life with health and education systems, job opportunities, etc. However, this creates problems in small countries, which have not dealt with such issues before. One such problem is the accommodation for these people.


Graph Theory, transportation cost, Greek region


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Dimitra Alexiou, Evlampia Athanailidou. (2021) Optimal Placement of Refugee Hot-Spots on Greek Islands. International Journal of Environmental Science, 6, 457-464


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