Mohammad Owais Farooqui, Zheer Ahmed, Tahir Qureshi



Locating Environmental Narratives in Water Security Discourse

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Language related to water security is used to convey a lack of water. It is employed strategically to create urgency over water resources. The security narrative has been reframed to include new actors in the field of water security. Water security is becoming a dominant paradigm, and this has all the makings of a new type of environmental governmentality. Therefore, three intriguing environmental narratives have been used in the literature to form the discourse on water security. Romantic environmentalism sees environmental problems as a symptom of a wider social, moral, and personal arrogance dilemma in today's technical, rationalized society. Environmental management narratives focus on the environment's sustainability, with Sustainable development being the most frequently utilized idea. Environmental justice narratives oppose foreign forces' exploitation of the nation's natural resources. This paper is an attempt to scrutinize the relationship between environment and security in traditional as well as non-traditional senses and will try to critically examine water security discourse as a matter of national security.


Environment, Security, Discourse, Water


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