G. Bhargavi, J. Arunnehru



Land Risk Susceptibility, Hazard and Risk Factors in Western Ghats, India – A review

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Landslides are a severe geological phenomenon prevalent in mountainous areas. Landslides usually happen without explicit notification. Landslip/ Landslide creates a broad range of terrain inclinations, such as rockfalls, the great collapse of slopes, and slight residue flows. It causes extensive destruction across highways, connecting bridges, it affects the entire transportation, civilized residences, cultivating fields, meadows, forests areas, etc. This geological change might commence to immense loss of people's livelihood and property, natural resources which is the key to the economy of the country, being an urbanized area there could be loss in economic activities. But, this Economic degradation of highland is one of the foremost reasons for the frequent phenomenon of avalanches. This write up is an effort to know the detail about landslides and various factors influencing Landslide which suits Indian landscape and climatic conditions. Several aspects of avalanches like landslides inventory, susceptivity, detection, and risk assessment and mitigation are discussed.




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G. Bhargavi, J. Arunnehru. (2021) Land Risk Susceptibility, Hazard and Risk Factors in Western Ghats, India – A review. International Journal of Environmental Science, 6, 1-10


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