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Globalization, Climate Change and Global Environmental Law

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This research examines the globalization, climate change and global environmental Law. This study is important because the climate change and environmental degradation are causing immense damage and destruction to millions of people across the globe. The accelerated rate of climate change poses an environmental reality and contemporary challenges that no nation can afford to ignore. Climate change is broadly understood to refer to a change of climate over and above natural climate variability, which is directly or indirectly attributable to human activity. Climate Change is caused by an increase in the level of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. The effects of climate change are moving faster than before due to human industrial activities releasing greenhouse gasses. Trade liberalization is happening at the cost of the environment. Increasing global trade and investment, encourage countries to keep weak environmental regulations as a method to save costs, increase profit and improve their competitiveness between each other in the market and attract foreign investment. Free trade agreements are rapidly increasing; multinational corporations are moving their operations to developing countries due to cheap labour and raw material. These processes result in harmful effects of global character on the environment, climate change and society. This research paper will broadly focus on the link between globalization and climate change and global environmental law, it will analyze certain problematic aspects related to climate change, which are regulated under the International environmental law. The research will suggest improving the environmental protection laws and adopting new laws on climate change as well as effectiveness of the governance mechanism.


globalization, climate change, environmental law, regulations, governance mechanism


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