Jannatun Naemah Ismam, Nor Azizah Talkis



Construction Waste Management: A Review of Recycled Product Marketability

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The construction industry has been challenged to minimise the large volumes of waste generated throughout construction activities. In terms of 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) practice, construction waste recycling is perceived as one of the waste management strategies that is more environmentally friendly and preferred than reduce, reuse and waste disposal. Furthermore, recycling approaches will transform construction waste into new materials. It was considered an excellent approach to achieve construction sustainability and overwhelm future economic growth. Recycling of construction waste has been tremendously promoted by the government. Nonetheless, a few issues arose, such as a lack of market demand for recycled construction waste material due to low quality standards, ineffective management, a lack of expertise to operate the material waste, and financial constraints. Thus, issues related to the marketability of recycled construction waste products were reviewed in this paper. An intensive literature review was conducted based on the objectives identified. It compares and contrasts the marketability of recycled construction waste products from developed and developing countries. Both the government and the private sector are potential market drivers for recycled construction waste products. It is followed by a few aspects such as training, technology development, product quality, and marketability, all of which require consistent investment and incentives. As a result, special consideration should be given to the identified market drivers and aspects. The limitations of this study are the implementation and practitioners' acceptance to overview the real situation and mitigate the issues descriptively.


Construction Waste, Waste Management, Recycled Product, Marketability, Market Demand


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