Li Wu, Zhouhong Li, Dejiang Liu



Analysis on the Dynamic Variation of Ecological Security of Farmland in Yuxi, Based on the Combinational Weighting Method



With the rapid development of society and economy, the safety and protection of farmland has been urgent. This research built an evaluation system from natural, social and economic perspective, by adopting the Nature-Society-Economy Concept Framework Model; and with the help of comprehensive assessment model, the ecological security indexes of farmland from 2006 to 2015 of Yuxi city had been worked out. Besides, it analyzed dynamic variation feature of ecological safety of farmland within 10 years; and correlation analysis had been made by SPSS to ecological security indexes. The outcomes revealed that though the Yuxi’s ecological safety indexes of farmland was slight going up in 2013, overall, the variation tended to go down notably and the main driving factors for this variation were nature and society.


Analytic Hierarchy Process; Entropy Weight Method; Farmland Security; Correlation Analysis; Dynamic Variation


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