M. Nirmala



An Enhanced System Design of an IoΤ Based Forest Environment Monitoring System

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The manual monitoring of the forest to prevent unauthorized activities is practically challenging job. Though sufficient manpower has been made available, it is inefficient because it might be life threatening. Various technologies have been developed and used effectively for achieving these objectives. These include the web of Things, Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Trees, Deep Learning, etc. In this work, exploring and assimilating the possibilities for technological improvements in forests to drastically develop their ecosystem is done. The main operations that are essential in monitoring the forest are developed, namely tree cutting detection, fire detection, temperature detection, humidity detection and water detection. IoT is widely used technology in forest monitoring application. Traditional approaches to the tracking of animals provide useful, but spatially constrained information. Sensing offers the prospect for area characterizations of biodiversity during a systematic, repeatable, and spatially exhaustive manner. Information and monitoring systems for the forest sector are beneficial for effective policies and planning, valuation of forest resources and investment. This project presents a system for monitoring forest and its vicinity supported by IoT based wireless sensor network technology. The need to be able to accurately monitor forest cover and quality is crucial to understanding the costs of deforestation. The monitoring of forest and the surrounding area can however still is taken into account as an open research problem to its substantial vast area. This project aims to stop forest mishaps, the intrusion of animals within the surrounding forest areas, illegal activities within the forest using wireless sensor technology and eliminating manual power to the highest possible extent.


IoT (Internet of Things), GSM, Monitoring, Sensors, Deforestation, Forest operations


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