Emad A. Az-Zobi, Basem S. Masaedeh



A Variety of Wave Amplitudes for the Conformable Fractional (2+1)-dimensional Ito Equation

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The conformable fractional derivative and adequate fractional complex transform are implemented to discuss the fractional higher-dimensional Ito equation analytically. The Jacobi elliptic function method and Riccati equation mapping method are successfully used for this purpose. New exact solutions in terms of linear, rational, periodic and hyperbolic functions for the wave amplitude are derived. The obtained solutions are entirely new and can be considered as a generalization of the existing results in the ordinary derivative case. Numerical simulations of some obtained solutions with special choices of free constants and various fractional orders are displayed.


Conformable fractional derivative; Jacobi elliptic function method; Riccati equation mapping method; Ito equation; Nonlinear dynamics; Exact solution


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Emad A. Az-Zobi, Basem S. Masaedeh. (2021) A Variety of Wave Amplitudes for the Conformable Fractional (2+1)-dimensional Ito Equation. International Journal of Environmental Science, 6, 116-133


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