Matas Dumcius, Tomas Skersys



Towards Business Process Digitalization in SMEs: A Case of a Small Optical Retail Business

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As small-medium enterprises (SMEs) produce significant amounts of added value in the market, it is important to ensure that their business processes are optimized. Business Process Management (BPM) is a popular methodology in large enterprises; however, there is a clear lack of explicit information on how it can be adapted by SMEs considering their financial and informational constraints as well as other specific factors. In this research, we concentrated on one of the aspects of BPM, which is a business process improvement, within the scope of a small optical retail business’s order management process. Process improvement is crucial when moving towards business process digitalization by the means of business process management systems (BPMSs) or any other IT technology for that matter. In this paper we presented basic aspects of our developed process improvement approach, which contributes to the better understanding of the specificity of process reengineering task in SMEs and could be used as practical means to prepare for process digitalization using BPMS in a more effective manner. The paper also presents process model simulation-based evaluation of a number of qualitative process analysis methods within the scope of a small optical retail business case, which was one of the founding stones of our approach. The acquired process model with the best execution metrics was then used as a base executable model for the developed business order management system in our target business enterprise.


Business Process Digitalization, Business Process Analysis and Optimization, Business Process Management System, BPMN, BPM


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Matas Dumcius, Tomas Skersys. (2019) Towards Business Process Digitalization in SMEs: A Case of a Small Optical Retail Business. International Journal of Economics and Management Systems, 4, 77-87


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