Satya Shah, Galeboe Dikgang, Sarath Menon



The Global Perception of Industry 4.0 For Reverse Logistics

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Industry 4.0 (I 4.0) is currently recognised as a collective expression for different technologies. The gradual but steady adoption of different technologies in industry 4.0 plays a vital role in different areas of industries. Reverse logistics has been now a growing research area including identifying ways for industries to operate efficiently with industry 4.0. The potentials for cost reduction and profit maximisation have been realised by the involved corporations and a significant number of them is already investing heavily on the new technologies that result in efficient reverse logistics and performance. Researchers now believe that improving the reverse logistics results in sustainable developments in the current competitive market. In this paper researcher aims to focus on the impacts of Industry 4.0 over the reverse logistics.



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Satya Shah, Galeboe Dikgang, Sarath Menon. (2019) The Global Perception of Industry 4.0 For Reverse Logistics. International Journal of Economics and Management Systems, 4, 103-107


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