Paula Vanikka A. Gregorio



Incident Backlog Analysis in an IT Support Group Using Linear Programming

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An IT Support group in an advanced and global organization is a vital unit that safeguards and maintains the productivity of each individual employee by providing uninterrupted Information Technology-related assistance to those that are unable to perform their day-to-day job functions due to a technical problem. With this said, an IT Support group’s availability and productivity must be examined and enhanced to see to it that each individual unit within the organization are completely operational and functional. The purpose of this study is to therefore identify and assess the existing opportunities that are impeding the productivity in an IT Support group of a certain organization by comparing its current operational state and productivity against an optimized number of incident assignment per technician with the use of linear programming as the operational research method. This study aims to analyze the gap between the current state and an optimal state to be able to improve the overall operations by minimizing the incident backlogs and maximizing each IT technician’s utilization.


IT Support, Optimization, Linear Programming, Backlogs, Level 2 support, Incident Assignment


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