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Employees Satisfaction in Different Industries: An Exploratory Review of the Literature

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Employee satisfaction has always been a key factor in the function of firms and organizations across the world, because of its effects on employee turnover and customer satisfaction. Developments in Web 4.0 have allowed the emergence of online employee reviews being posted on social networking sites. These could be leveraged by companies to understand the voice of their workers, thereby decreasing employee dissatisfaction. To understand the reasons for dissatisfaction across multiple industries, we examined the employee review literature, which included 12 research papers and over 3.5 million cumulative reviews across multiple employee review websites. These reviews spanned numerous businesses, such as Insurance, Delivery service, and Telecommunications industry, while including studies from other countries like South Korea, India, and Austria. After reviewing these studies, numerous interesting findings surfaced. As employment satisfaction evolves and begins to have different needs than before, new leading topics for satisfaction have emerged. We observed that topics, such as Work environment and Work-life balance are significant factors across most industries.


employee review analysis, online employee revies, meta-analysis, cross-sector study exploratory review, work-life balance and work environment


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