Ghazi Alkhatib, Zakaria Maamar



Embedding Time Management into Data Base Management System: A Specification and a SME Prototype

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This paper aims to develop specifications for embedding time management directly into database management systems. Specifications are modeled using unified modeling language (UML) use case, sequence diagram, and class diagrams. A prototype of an SME car service department operations has been developed. Time man-agement specifications are incorporated into database specifications in the developed prototype to provide relevant information to analyze system performance. Such an approach improves system performance and customer satisfaction. Time metrics were classified as being either productive or unproductive. Preparation time for cars, decision time, repair time, and closing time fall under the productive category, whilst waiting time for repair, parts, or mechanics fall under the unproductive category. This classification allows for better decisions on maintenance job assignments, part orders, and unproductive time management. Other benefits include the guaranteed integrity of car repair processes, the incremental operation speed of such processes, and the time-based measurable milestones of process execution. Such advantages lead to the avoidance of missed deadlines, cost overruns, and to a reduction in wasted time. Future research will involve storing the time management history to facilitate data mining analysis for predictive estimate variances and the re-engineering of processes.


business process management, time management specifications, database specifications, embedded time management, database management system, SME


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Ghazi Alkhatib, Zakaria Maamar. (2022) Embedding Time Management into Data Base Management System: A Specification and a SME Prototype. International Journal of Economics and Management Systems, 7, 249-269


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