Anastasios Liveretos, Ivo Draganov



Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM): an Overview of the Main Technology Vendors

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As more organizations undergo a digital transformation, they are exposing applications and services to customers and consumers at a much higher scale. This trend is seen across a variety of organizations, such as consumer services, government, education, and other. When building an approach for handling customer identities, many organizations think that they can treat these identities the same way as corporate ones. The truth is that they are very different. Customer/Consumer identities greatly outnumber employee identities. Customers/Consumers today expect to be able to perform identity management tasks themselves without having to talk to a person (Self-Service). Requiring consumers to engage with a helpdesk with every identity management task will require to retain more help desk staff and it will result in lower customer satisfaction. With the number of online applications and services, which people use, increasing, the number of user accounts that consumers are having to create and maintain is higher than ever. Therefore, many people are choosing to bring their own identity into the application. By integrating applications with established online Identity Providers (such as a Microsoft Account, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), enterprises can enable consumers to use the identities that they already have, instead of having to create yet another username and password. Moreover, consumers do not want more than one account when working with an organization. They expect to have a single identity regardless of the application that they use – whether it is a web or a mobile device application. Now more than ever, consumers are skeptical about what organizations will do with the identity data that they provide. Therefore, it is important to make sure that consumers understand how their identities are being used and consent to its use. Without this, the consumer will not trust the organization. Finally, unlike employee identities, consumer identities can scale into the 100’s of millions Selecting the tool to address all beforementioned prerequisites is critical. This paper describes the four leading solutions for Customer Identity and Access Management and confirms that, to a great extent, they all cover adequately these prerequisites.


Identity and access management, Customer identity and access management, Identity governance and administration, System integration


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