Nadam Akshay Kumar, Sahil, Gurshamindher Singh



Analysis Economic Condition of Farmers in Sahibzada Ajit Singh District Mohaliof Punjab

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Overall, the data presented in these tables provides insights into various aspects of rural livelihoods and agriculture in the five villages. Policymakers and researchers can use this data to understand the distribution of landholdings, the costs of farming, the returns on investments, and the profitability of businesses in the region. This can help inform policies and interventions aimed at improving rural livelihoods and agricultural production in the region. The current study is based on preliminary data collected during an economic survey to analyse vital information about agronomic practices, economic status, and animal output among farmers in the SAS Nagar district of Punjab. The study was carried out using a proper questionnaire from several villages. Nearly 150 farmers were interviewed in order to assess the socioeconomic status of the respondents. We created a questionnaire to collect information about the farmer's socioeconomic profile, such as income status, caste system, education status, family composition, cropping system, availability of implements and machinery, availability of loans, source of information, and so on. To reach meaningful conclusions, each item was thoroughly examined and explained. Better health-care facilities and accessibility superior health facilities, the availability of superior crops, and the provision of low-cost fertilizers all contribute to farmers' attractiveness. According to interaction findings, farmers' socioeconomic standing can be improved by teaching technical knowledge, boosting their education level, and increasing their involvement in society. There was a lack of awareness in the subject of disease and pest management, as well as farming inputs. As a result, for the sake of the farming community's well-being, new technologies such as disease surveillance using accessible software technology and machine learning should be implemented for sustainable agriculture.


Gross domestic product, sustainable agriculture, rural employment.


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