O. P. Tretyak, L. I. Melenets, V. M. Shcherbyna, O. V. Poliakova, L. V. Kravchuk



The Role of Instilling Moral Values in Primary Schoolchildren

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The aim of this study was a comprehensive coverage of the effectiveness of instilling moral values in the education of primary schoolchildren for their further upgrade (increasing the level of good breeding). The following tools were used for the collection and processing of statistical data: scientific literature review, survey results, questionnaires for parents, generalization of theoretical and empirical data, diagnostic methods (direct and indirect pedagogical observation, unfinished sentence technique, game activity, icon exercises, analysis of moral and ethical situations, independent characteristics), statistical methods of calculation. The online utility TextAnalyzer was used to process open answers from parent questionnaires. The introduction of individual, group, as well as training forms of work, discussion, feedback techniques, games and practical, visual and art methods into the educational process of primary school has provided positive changes in instilling moral values in students. The interaction of family and school contributed to the development and improvement of parents’ pedagogical knowledge and skills; involvement of children in school life. The levels of moral values in primary schoolchildren in experimental groups after the completion of the formative stage of the experiment significantly exceed the indicators of control groups and the corresponding indicators obtained at the summative stage of the study. The practical significance of the results obtained in the study is developing and implementing methods of instilling moral values in primary schoolchildren; appropriate content, forms and methods of organization and implementation of the educational process in primary school (programmes: “Instilling Moral Values in Primary Schoolchildren”, elective course for teachers “Secrets of Moral Values”, training for teachers “Man-to-Man Attitude”, and for parents — “Pedagogical Messages”).


education, moral values, justice, dignity, responsibility, schoolchildren


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