Tran Van Trang, Quang Hung Do



Students’ Work Values and Entrepreneurial Intention: An Empirical Study

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Work value has long been considered as one of critical reasons for the youngsters’ career choices. Nevertheless, how work values change in a specific context and their impact on entrepreneurial intention has not been fully examined. This study investigates the relationship between Vietnamese students' work values and their entrepreneurial intention. Based on a survey of 805 students in Business Administration, E-Commerce, Human Resource Management and Marketing, the study identified the 8 most important work values of Vietnamese students, in which "Social status" is a very unique value of the Vietnamese collectivist culture and prominence to self-respect. The research findings also show that students who appreciate Autonomy and Authority and Challenge have the tendency to be an entrepreneur; on the contrary, students with work values including Work load or Security will choose to be a wage employee. Based on these results, various recommendations have been proposed for improving entrepreneurship education in Vietnamese universities.


Work values, Entrepreneurial intention, students, Vietnam


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