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Diagnostic and Maintenance Education Course for PLC based Automatic Machines

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The fast science and technology development make possible the fourth industrial revolution, which changes the production processes towards more autonomous functioning with more intelligent automatic control systems that communicate with other such systems without or with little need of a human operators. The mass automation of production processes is taking over the low qualification jobs from the labor market, while at the same time new work positions appear that require certain skills and expertise in the automation field. The requirements towards many low-qualification work positions grow and such employees working with some type of automation machines already need to possess basic knowledge about the way they are being controlled in order to diagnose and deal with problems occurring with them. Nowadays, production companies, at least in Bulgaria, find it difficult to hire personnel with broader knowledge and skills required for the everyday maintenance of their automated machines and production lines. We have understood what combination of experiences they need to possess and have updated our PLC course with the necessary knowledge. The aim of this paper is to present this additional qualification course which gives to students, with electrical background, the necessary diagnostic and maintenance knowledge and expertise needed for such a work position.


PLC, Education, Maintenance, Automation, Controller, Programming


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