Mistie L. Potts, Kelly Arney



Determining the Effectiveness of Service Options in Gifted Education

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This study synthesizes the findings from relevant research and meta-analytical articles spanning 1990 to 2018, in gifted education with an intentional focus on the effectiveness of enrichment, acceleration, and grouping service options. This study focused on academic and social and emotional outcomes for gifted students through review of existing research. The purpose of this study is to provide insight into effective service options through careful review of the existing research in gifted education on enrichment, grouping, and acceleration. Findings revealed considerable evidence in support of acceleration as a strong component to gifted programs, and further support is discussed surrounding the individualization of gifted education programs along with consistency and continuity in implementation. All forms and types of academic acceleration have demonstrated positive academic growth for gifted students, and academic acceleration yielded most consistently highly positive effects Future paths for research are proposed in response to the findings and gaps in the literature to guide and improve service options for gifted learners.


academic acceleration, achievement, clustering, enrichment, enhancement, gifted, gifted educational programs, grouping, higher learning, psychological, social-emotional


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Mistie L. Potts, Kelly Arney. (2023) Determining the Effectiveness of Service Options in Gifted Education. International Journal of Education and Learning Systems, 8, 32-55


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