Corneliu Buzduga, Calin Ciufudean



Automation Systems in LabVIEW

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This paper presents a "Virtual Instrument" for analysing components for an automation system. This system is a didactic model for educational purpose. The important point is to learn the influence of the three parameters of the controller, respectively proportional (P), integrator (I) and derivative (D). Also, in order to study the performance of the system, it is necessary to know the influence of the amplification factor (Kp), the time constant (T), the pulsation (ω) and the damping factor (ξ).


controller, damping factor, time constant, pulsation, amplification factor, control laws


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Corneliu Buzduga, Calin Ciufudean. (2020) Automation Systems in LabVIEW. International Journal of Education and Learning Systems, 5, 1-4


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