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RIDR Model for Crowd Management using RFID Technology

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In many religious events, there are many crowd crush disasters have occurred, as in 2015 Mina stamped. In this work we devolved the model “Real Time Information Density and Density Rate” (RIDR). Using Radio Frequency Technology with the “RIDR” model enable the crowd management center to control all paths and places of the event, collect real time information about state variables of the zones as population, population rate, density and density rate. The system can predict any zone that exceeds the critical density to take a corrective action. The model helps the control system to predict a crush on any intersection between two paths (streets). It is possible to integrate the RIDR model with modern traffic system to give some suitable control action as traffic light and roads signals. This method is characterized by accurate calculation of state variables in comparison with methods of surveillance cameras system, so that accurate state variables can be used to apply modern control systems.


Crowd Management, crush, stampede, real time, Radio Frequency, Control System


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