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Pruning in Detection of Multiple Routes for Required Throughput in Wireless Multihop Networks

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In wireless multihop networks, transmission capacity of each wireless node is relatively low and wireless signal transmissions of neighbor wireless nodes might interfere each other. Thus, it is difficult for a wireless multihop transmission route to provide required throughput to a network application. The authors have proposed a method to provide required throughput by combination of multiple wireless multihop transmission routes with joins and branches based on Ford-Fulkerson algorithm for maximum flow calculation in wired networks. Here, by using capacities of wireless nodes and flows along wireless links in wireless multihop networks, flow increasing wireless multihop routes are searched and detected until the required throughput can be provided. However, there are no cut-off conditions of search for flow increasing wireless multihop transmission routes, longer calculation time cannot be avoided. This paper proposes the cut-off conditions based on the current assignment of flow in wireless links within a wireless transmission range of each wireless node. The reduction of route search time duration is evaluated in simulation experiments.



Ford-Fulkerson algorithm, wireless multihop networks



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