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Intelligent Wireless Fire Extinguishing Robot

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Increasing human population and technological advancement has led to increase in the fire accidents. The physical limitation of humans and adverse conditions makes fire extinguishing challenging and demanding task. Extinguishing fire manually by human being is very risky task and it may involve loss of life. Robotics is the emerging solution to protect human lives and their wealth and surroundings. Fire fighting robot is a hardware model which can extinguish fire during fire accidents. It can reduce the errors and limitations faced by the human fire fighters. Robot can search the area, locate the fire and extinguish the fire before it rages out of control. In this paper we have designed a fire extinguishing robot that can extinguish any kind of fire accurately and effectively. It is able to navigate through the building while actively scanning for the flame. It can send various data from the sensors to the cloud and operated wirelessly by any person. With the help of Internet of things and other cloud technologies, it can send various updates to the mobile phone. The robot which we have proposed in this paper finds its application in fire extinguishing operations during fire accidents where the possibility of the service men to enter the fire prone areas is very less. Our designed robot can be controlled wirelessly by any user from anywhere in the world. The medium of interaction between the human and robot is through the Console.


Fire extinguishing robot, Fire fighting robot, Internet of things, Wireless control robot, Arduino yun microcontroller, Arduino uno microcontroller


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