E. Liebenberg, I. A. Gorlach



Development of a Robot Cell with a Vision System

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automation, robots, vision system


Modern manufacturing systems employ robots for industrial processes and material handling tasks. Robotic systems facilitate reconfigurability and flexibility, which provide rapid manufacturing of customised products of high quality to meet the worldwide market demands. The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) together with robotics brings many benefits and enhancements of production processes. The intelligence of a robotic system is facilitated by advanced sensors, of which a computer vision is the most important. In this paper, the development of a robotic cell with a Fanuc M-1iA parallel kinematics robot, a conveyor and a vision system is presented. The aim is to design a flexible robotic system for picking and sorting of parts, which are supplied randomly by a continuous conveyor. The developed system provides a low-cost solution, which employs a flexible conveyor, an all-purpose USB camera for image capturing and Visual Studio for image processing. All the elements of the system were successfully integrated with the robot controller. A user-friendly human machine interface allows easy and fast camera calibration and interaction with the robotic cell environment. The main advantages of the developed robotic system are its low-cost and flexibility. The system can be used for the demonstration of capabilities of intelligent robotic systems and training purposes.

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E. Liebenberg, I. A. Gorlach. (2017) Development of a Robot Cell with a Vision System. International Journal of Control Systems and Robotics, 2, 80-85