Murat Sahin, Goksel Kizir



Designing of Cascade Controller by Using the Bees Algorithm

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In this study, studies were carried out within the scope of the control of high-speed mini direct current (DC) motor. A cascaded controller with position, speed, and current control has been developed to precisely and robustly control the DC motor. While optimizing the controller parameters, a multi-objective Bees Algorithm (BA) was used to minimize settling time, rise time, overshoot, and system error. As a result of simulations, low settling and rise times with multi-objective BA were achieved, while overshoot was also not allowed. Also, verification of the controller was carried out with experimental studies. Experimental results and simulation results overlap with less than a 1% difference.


The Bees Algorithm, Optimization, DC motor, Cascade controller, PID control, Design


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Murat Sahin, Goksel Kizir. (2022) Designing of Cascade Controller by Using the Bees Algorithm. International Journal of Control Systems and Robotics, 7, 36-46


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