Saikat Gope, Sarbani Chakraborty



Design of Stable Controller for Rössler Chaotic System

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This paper is based on the design and analysis of three different types of controllers for stabilizing the Rössler chaotic system. The controllers are based on Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy model, Mamdani fuzzy model and Sliding mode control (SMC). The concept behind the design of each controller is to drive the highly oscillating chaotic dynamics to a stable steady state value. The control action for the fuzzy controllers are based on the design of fuzzy rules. In case of sliding mode control (SMC), the control action is attained by designing an asymptotically stable sliding surface in such a way that the system states reach the sliding surface in a finite time. MATLAB toolbox YALMIP is used for solving Linear Matrix Inequality (LMI) optimization problems in the case of T-S fuzzy model and SMC. The Mamdani fuzzy model is implemented using MATLAB fuzzy inference system toolbox. The effectiveness of the above three methods is validated by MATLAB simulation results. Lastly a comparative study based on the results of the above methods is presented for identifying the best method.


Chaotic, T-S fuzzy model, SMC, YALMIP toolbox, LMI


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