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Computational Techniques for the issue of Variation Problem

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In this paper the problems of frequency and power in the generating units has been focused and two thermal generating units has been taken as a source of power generation. Computational techniques GA PI, Fuzzy and PID has been applied for the solution of such issues, when the system is operating normal and also even in disturbing condition. The Simulink model has been simulated through MATLAB software and combined responses have been tabulated for effective results. Comparative result shows that the GA technique gives good and efficient results with respect to the other computational techniques by even when the number of generating units increased.


Power Generation, Computational Technique, GA, Fuzzy, PI, PID, Generating Units.


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Ashish Dhamanda. (2022) Computational Techniques for the issue of Variation Problem. International Journal of Control Systems and Robotics, 7, 1-5


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