Elias D. Birhan, Beteley Teka



Adaptive Second Order Sliding Mode Controller for 2-Dof Serial Flexible Link

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Flexible link manipulator system dynamics and control has become a key research area by many researchers around the globe due to many benefits it affords like low weight, low power consumption leading to low universal cost. However, because of the inherent link flexibility they go through vibrations and take time to return the favored position as soon as the actuator force is eliminated. The difficulty is designing feedback control system for the manipulator because the system is non-minimal phase, under-actuated and non-collected due to physical separation of sensor and actuator. The important awareness of this thesis is to improve upon the present sliding mode control approach with the high goal of chattering reduction. The benefit of adaptive tuning mechanism is estimating uncertainty adaptively is proposed in this thesis. As a result, prior expertise about the upper bound of system uncertainty is not an essential requirement in the proposed adaptive 2nd order sliding mode controller. The entire system response was simulated in MATLAB/ Simulink environment. The effectiveness of adaptive second order sliding mode control (ASOSMC) controller changed into compared with conventional, classical or 1st order SMC, 2nd order SMC, model predictive control and adaptive 2nd order SMC by using the six-performance index like IAE, ISE, ITSE, ITAS, MSE and MAE. The results endow that the adaptive 2nd order SMC controller outperforms the above listed controllers.


ASOSMC, super twisting algorithm, chattering mitigation, flexible links, parameter estimation, uncertainty


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Elias D. Birhan, Beteley Teka. (2021) Adaptive Second Order Sliding Mode Controller for 2-Dof Serial Flexible Link. International Journal of Control Systems and Robotics, 6, 19-33


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