A. N. Hasanli, M. A. Mehrabova



The Influence of Alternative Energy Means on the Architectural Shaping

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The alternative energy sources are considered to be the main environmental influence on the traditional regional architecture, considering that the physical appearance of the traditional architecture is based basically on the human interaction with the surrounding environment, his adaptation to it, and his best utilization of it. This is makes this architectural image special and significant. This research will look into two aspects.1) The theoretical aspect that review the importance of studying the effect of the characteristics of alternative sources on shaping the elements of vernacular architecture, it also inspect the importance of studying the nature and characteristics of these elements and their integration with environmental, social and esthetical sustainability standards. 2) The practical aspect conducts a practical analyses of several regional buildings samples from the Sheki region (Azerbaijan Republic) to study the effect of alternative energy sources for analyzing and discovering the effect of these variations in enriching the sustainability within the reguonal architecture in each country, and their effect in generating the vernacular architectural form. The positive and negative factors of the integration of alternative energy in the structure of buildings are identified and the degree of their influence on the process of architectural formation is estimated.


Alternative energy, residential and public buildings, building structure, integration, solar panel.


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A. N. Hasanli, M. A. Mehrabova. (2021) The Influence of Alternative Energy Means on the Architectural Shaping. International Journal of Cultural Heritage, 6, 26-30


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