Elshan Mammadli



Southern Azerbaijan Questions Within the Scope of the Principle of Self-Determination

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In the study, the demands and behaviors of the Southern Azerbaijani Turks in Iran were examined within the framework of the right to self-determination, which is considered one of the basic principles of international law. Moreover, the historical development process and current social structure of Iran, as well as the distribution of the Southern Azerbaijani Turks in Iranian geography and their populations were discussed. If we summarize the results of the study, in the event that the authoritarian regime in Iran will not change its policies of Persianism and ethnic discrimination in the country, that it will not immediately carry out the reforms related to the recognition of cultural rights and local government autonomy for different ethnic communities, and that real steps will not be taken towards the democratization of the existing administrative structure, the freedom of minorities living in the country to exercise their right to self-determination afforded to them by international law seems to be an indispensable condition.


Southern Azerbaijan, Iran, Nationalism, Ethnic Communities in Iran, Turkish Nationalism Movements in Iran, Iranian Islamic Revolution, Self-Determination, Right to Self- Determination


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