Pyrrhon Amathes, Paul Christodoulides



Photography in propaganda: The case of the Apollo 11 assembly a11.1103147_mf.jpg

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Photography in Journalism was always a very powerful tool since 'seeing is believing’. The question whether it is allowed to 'correct’ or modify a photograph to make it seem more vivid and truer to life is a highly debatable subject. Photography is also a tool of propaganda and a proven weapon in the hands of governments that can manipulate by large people’s feelings. In this paper it is argued that Photography was also used during the Apollo missions to the Moon as a propaganda tool to persuade the world that USA had supremacy in space over all other countries. We present the case of the assembly a11.1103147_mf.jpg from a series of photos presented to the world as 'originals’ during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969. Our conclusion and understanding is that the 'original’ photos composing the assembly were taken in a studio.


Apollo 11, Assembly a11.1103147_mf.jpg, Moon missions, Photo manipulation


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Pyrrhon Amathes, Paul Christodoulides. (2020) Photography in propaganda: The case of the Apollo 11 assembly a11.1103147_mf.jpg. International Journal of Cultural Heritage, 5, 41-46


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