Kamonwan Yoowattana



Divorce Case: Case Study of Desertion as per Thai Law Compared With Lao Law

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Deserted, Husband and wife, Ground for divorce, Marriage, Thai law, Lao law


Termination of marriage by divorce due to the husband or wife intentionally fled and deserted another party without notice, one spouse has failed to give proper maintenance and support to the other party, and it is the circumstance in which the spouse commits the offense of being a husband, based on an offense theory. It is a measure that the state uses to punish the spouse of the offending party by giving the power to the deserted spouse to have the right to divorce. However, even Thai and Lao law specified that the desertion of another party is the ground for divorce, the circumstances that caused the divorce under Thai law for the desertion must be more than one year; whereas, in Lao law, if the spouses have no intention to live with another party by escaping without notice and do not send property to support family for three years consecutively, it is the ground for divorce. But, there is no right to receive compensation, even if the divorce case occurs because the responsible party has caused the other party with the intention to cause intolerance of another party.

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