John N. Hatzopoulos



Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Science-based Ethics

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There are many voices around the globe giving a warning signal about AI development. However, no clear understanding exists of the dangers, and there are no accepted bases to propose solutions. This work aims to provide scientific knowledge of what AI is, based on the computer structure and organization that the AI is based on, and then introduce some sources of warning voices about AI destructive activities. Consequently, it presents scientific bases about ethics as they developed from great philosophers Plato and Aristotle and suggestions for further development. The practical idea is to understand the growing AI process and try to educate it to be beneficial and not harmful to people. However, the problem is that scientists and people responsible for AI education are not interested in ethics, and human sciences that teach people about ethics have failed to do so. Therefore, the material in this work is addressed to all these people to understand the bases ethics are built up and try to use to educate people and AI.


Ethics, artificial intelligence, AI, computers, philosophy, education, humanities


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