Shradhanjali Behera, Biswajit Mallick



Effect of Elementals Inside Bacopa Monnieri Herb Due to Acid Attack

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In the present investigation, the main motivation was to study the sulphuric-simulated acid rain (S-SiAR) induced effect in the Brahmi (Scientific name Bacopa monnieri ) using particle-induced X-ray emission (PIXE) technique. It is observed that, the concentration of minor elements viz. Fe, Ca, K, Cl, etc., and trace elements viz. V, Cr, Mn, Cu, Zn, etc. found to be different due to acid induction. The pH analysis shows that the acidic properties of B. monnieri (pH = 5.27± 0.02) extract decreased after being exposed to acid rain, i.e., the acidity decreases due to AR i.e., the acidity decreases due to AR (increase of pH value). Instead of acid rain-induced acidity in the plant, B. monnieri herb shows a decrease in acidity due to acid induction. It is expected that various important medicinal properties of B. monnieri viz. memory-boosting mechanism can be drastically because of a decrease in its acidic properties and formation of new complexes inside, which may have a bad effect on the user’s health.


Medicinal herb, Sulphuric-simulated acid rain (S-SiAR), Elemental analysis, B. monnieri


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