Yousra Mukhtar, Uma Shankar, Zahid Abass Wazir



Wild Bee Pollinators and Their Role in Pollination

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Non-Apis bees or wild bees serve as important pollinators of cultivated and other wild crops. They not only aid in pollination but also enhance the pollination potential of honey bees. Their pollination potential is underrated and more studies need to be carried out to make more understanding of their biology, ecology, habitat, foraging behaviour, and pollination potential in order to exploit their pollination services for effective and enhanced crop production. The conservation aspects of non-Apis bees need to be evaluated to preserve them in their native habitats without any alteration in their nesting behaviour and pollination ecology.


wild bees, non-Apis bees, native bees, Megachile bee, bumble bee


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Yousra Mukhtar, Uma Shankar, Zahid Abass Wazir. (2023) Wild Bee Pollinators and Their Role in Pollination. International Journal of Agricultural Science, 8, 92-96


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