Gulgul Singh, Anurag Semwal, R. S. Chauhan



Socio-economic Impact of Covid-19's Pandemic on Fish Farmers of Uttarakhand

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, an investigation was launched to capture the effects and impacts of the pandemic on fisheries, aquaculture, and allied businesses. The survey was conducted online; data was collected directly from the fish farmers of Uttarakhand State. Eighty-two fish farmers were contacted via telephone interviews. They belonged to 2 districts of Uttarakhand; Tehri Garhwal (Hill district) and Haridwar (Gangetic Plain district). The districts were selected by considering the geographical differences between plain and hilly terrain. The majority of respondents to the survey have indicated that their fish culture and related activities have been impacted by the lockdown enacted due to COVID-19. Responses to the survey revealed that the activities like sales and marketing of products, labour management, seed procurement and production dynamics are affected appreciably. The effects are likely to have long-term implications for the aquaculture industry.


COVID-19, Lockdown, Fisheries, Farmers, Impact


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Gulgul Singh, Anurag Semwal, R. S. Chauhan. (2023) Socio-economic Impact of Covid-19's Pandemic on Fish Farmers of Uttarakhand. International Journal of Agricultural Science, 8, 166-171


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