Genādijs Moskvins



On Intelligent Sensors and Internet of Things Based Cyber-Physical System for Consumer Protection

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The new approach to consumer protection problems is represented by various mathematical, physicochemical, virtual and fractal modelling methods based on a cyber-physical platform, as well as original intelligent quality control tools for consumer protection. The existing consumer protection system is outdated and does not meet new challenges in the booming digital world of smart technology, as its work ignores individual requirements, local opportunities and regional features. The obtained results demonstrate that the developed compliance control algorithms, intelligent tools, and mobile applications based on the cyber-physical platform used in the analysis of some agricultural products allow to carry out the process of time return and fully reproduce the adjusted biological, physicochemical parameters and processes that occurred in the past. The obtained results provide a dialectical ascent from abstract information to operational knowledge. On the basis of the results of experimental research and modelling of "intellect of consumer" was developed new conformity assessment method, based on the principle of fractal similarity of metrical images. As a whole, the results of research more fully contribute to the protection of the interests and rights of consumers in accordance with the United Nations Universal Declaration about human rights to a safe existence.


Artificial Intelligence, Consumer Protection, Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things


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Genādijs Moskvins. (2022) On Intelligent Sensors and Internet of Things Based Cyber-Physical System for Consumer Protection. International Journal of Agricultural Science, 7, 45-59


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