D. Ahishakiye, V. C. K. Silayo, Gummert Martin



Evaluation of Performance of Grainsafe Hermetic Storage System for Drying and Storage Paddy

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A study was carried out to assess the performance of a hermetic grain storage system, branded “GrainSafe”, for drying and storage compared to sun drying. The study aimed to conduct experiments on the system to assess its technical performance as a dryer at first. Two GrainSafe dryers were installed for drying and storage experiments. Parallel sun-drying experiments were carried out. The parameters assessed were quantitative (weight loss) and the quality of rice yielded from milling, germination, milling recovery, aflatoxin contamination, insect infestation, and economic viability of their use. However, the higher (9.6%) weight loss attained compared with GrainSafe Dryers (1,7%) was probably due to relatively low ambient relative humidity under sun drying and the protection attained in GrainSafe Dryers against birds, flies dust, and rain by virtue of being a closed system. Paddy dried in GrainSafe Dryers had a better mill recovery (62-64%) than sun drying (51%). The sun-dried paddy yield was significantly lower in head rice compared with paddy dried in GrainSafe Dryers. However, the paddy dried in GrainSafe Dryers was higher in terms of germination rate (82-85%) compared with the sun-dried paddy (80%). The hermetic system's use for drying and storage was superior to sun drying. Both systems were found to be economically viable. However, more research in different areas is required before disseminating the hermetic system for drying and storage.


Post-harvest loss, paddy drying, milling recovery, head rice


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D. Ahishakiye, V. C. K. Silayo, Gummert Martin. (2022) Evaluation of Performance of Grainsafe Hermetic Storage System for Drying and Storage Paddy. International Journal of Agricultural Science, 7, 129-145


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