Rajni Kapoor, Nimai Das



Agricultural Marketing Reforms to Enhance Business Freedom and Efficiency in the Agricultural Sector- an Empirical Analysis

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This research attempts to evaluate business freedom in the agricultural sector as a whole, which is weighted through agricultural marketing reforms, contract farming, market access, food security and liberal trade policies. Business freedom in agriculture is a comprehensive set of agribusiness ideas, options and opportunities opening for the farming community. It encompasses various aspects of the production, processing, and marketing of agricultural products. Freedom to agribusiness involves the management of the entire value chain, from farm to fork. The resolution of trade and transaction-related concerns related to agricultural products through business freedom and opportunities improves farms’ efficiency. A developed nation, however, has the option and opportunity to invest in better farm technology and research, while an emerging nation that relies heavily on agriculture needs to expand its technical and marketing structure. Highlighting the significance of Farm Bills, 2020 in the Indian context, that were introduced as marketing reforms in the agricultural sector, the study provides insight to introduce agribusiness freedom and opportunities for small and marginal farmers, merchants, traders, and mills. A primary survey was conducted in one of the agricultural leading states of India. The study has estimated business freedom index using principal component analysis and has investigated how it affects farm-level technical efficiency. Output-oriented efficiency is measured using a data envelopment analysis. The results reveal that the degree of agribusiness freedom and farm size have been found to be positively correlated, while its's indicators' extent varies throughout farms. According to technical efficiency estimates, marginal farms are considered to be less efficient than small and medium-sized farms. As per results, the ability to adapt efficient technology is positively and strongly correlated with agribusiness freedoms. The study proposes that in order to improve farm-level efficiency in technology, governments should implement these farm-specific business freedom measures. Therefore, the study has raised knowledge and responsiveness among farming community to embrace for sector expansion and accessibility through innovative farming techniques.


Marketing, business freedom, efficiency, trade, India


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