Yaraslau Zubrytski



Super–light metainterfaced plasmon–polaritons

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The present work brings a simple design of and revealing the superluminal properties of plasmon – polaritons at the interface of hyperbolic metamaterial Ag/TiO2 and external dielectric medium SiO2. Effective medium theory (EMT) services as a framework of the simulation carried out and provides an insight into spectral dynamics of plasmon–polariton's velocities in the tested energy range of 0.5 ÷ 8 eV. The simulation predicts that the group velocity of the quasi–particles considered can exceed velocity of light in vacuum up to 2.8 times and change own sign from positive to negative depending on metamaterial parameters. At this the phase velocity of the plasmon–polaritons traveling along the interface exceeds the value of light velocity in vacuum up to 4 times. Subluminal features of the model assist to the superluminal ones as well and incorporate an unique property observed as light stop. Transmission lines, digital electromagnetic devices, memory and transformation units may utilize the findings revealed.


plasmon–polariton, hyperbolic metamaterial, effective medium theory, dielectric permittivity tensor, group velocity, phase velocity


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