Muthana A. M. Jamel



Adiabatic Flame Temperature New Calculation Technique

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The present paper introduces the methane-air flame and its main chemical reaction, the mass burning rate, the burning velocity, and the most important parameter the adiabatic and its evaluation. Those major important flame parameters will be mathematically formulated, and computerized using the MATLAB program. The present program established a new technique to decide the true adiabatic flame temperature, where there are no combustion energy losses to the surrounding also, no shaft work or energy gaining from outside, and all the heat generate from the exothermic reaction will release to their product. The new technique implements the trial, and error procedure to obtained the calculated total internal energy of the product species then evaluate of the reactant's ones, from both we can draw two energy lines their intersection will decide the true required temperature. The obtained result show accurate evaluation to the adiabatic temperature for the atmospheric (P=1.0 atmos) Stoichiometric (Φ=1.05) methane-air flame and was 2136.36 K.


Methane-Air Flame Stoichiometric Adiabatic flame temperature Reaction model MATLAB Program New technique


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