A Next-Generation Smart Contract and Decentralized blockchain Platform: A case study on Ethiopia.

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The advancement of the internet in the business world leads to positive and negative services to the world population. Especially e-commerce plays a critical role in the present business industry. However, security is the most basic criterion for doing all internet transaction activities. Different types of E-commerce are using in the present business industry. This paper presents the use of B2G E-commerce for smart contracts. This paper discriminates the difference between the traditional approach of contracts and smart contracts. Smart contracts are available in the business environment, but they are insecure. In this paper, new emerging blockchain technology is used for smart contracts. The use of bitcoin cryptocurrency is used for transaction purpose. Implementing the blockchain technology in smart contracts the process will make a faster, reliable, securable, and trust environment. Implementing the blockchain technology will improve the platform for the small scale contracts which can reduce the broker fees. All the transactions are openly visible and securable. The study convinces secure business transactions in a decentralized environment.


Blockchain technology, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, Smart contractors, and E-business.


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Haimanot Fiseha Chernert, Sunil kumar Jilledi. (2021) A Next-Generation Smart Contract and Decentralized blockchain Platform: A case study on Ethiopia.. International Journal of Economics and Management Systems, 6, 253-260


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