Effective Management of Smartphone Usage Time based on an Innovative Application

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The fast growth of technology has made smartphones an integral part of our daily lives. As a result, mobile phone users dedicate a significant part of their daily time, using their mobile phones. This paper describes and analyzes this phenomenon and proposes an innovative application to reduce the usage time. More specifically the proposed application focuses on the ways in which the mobile phone usage affects peoples’ daily lives. Research is also conducted on existing market applications, which focus on topics such as the improvement of the problematic smartphone use. In parallel, existing applications are categorized and the most important are presented. Subsequently, the "dimTimer" application is proposed, which aims to help users to appropriately manage their smartphone usage time. Through this application, users will be able to set the maximum mobile phone daily usage time, which will help them in managing their personal time effectively and will prevent the excessive smartphone use


Excessive smartphone use, Problematic smartphone use, Smartphone addiction, Time management


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Monica Christoforou, Klimis Ntalianis, Vasiliki Kikili, Filotheos Ntalianis, Nikolaos Mastorakis. (2020) Effective Management of Smartphone Usage Time based on an Innovative Application. International Journal of Computers, 5, 66-71


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