On the Classification of the Cultural Heritage Sector within NACE

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This paper reports on the findings and recommendations of the European Confederation of Conservator-Restorers Organisations’ (hereafter E.C.C.O. [1]) investigations into the inclusion of Conservation-Restoration in the NACE Codes [2]. It is observed that the classificatory hierarchy employed in the NACE Codes is not utilised fully with respect to the sector, leading to the exclusion of relevant specialisms, such as Conservation-Restoration, from the data. Whereas this is easily resolved; and with minimal adjustment to the codes; the definition of heritage implicit in the Codes does not reflect current theory or practice. It is suggested that the relevant Division in the NACE Codes be renamed “Cultural Heritage Activities”. The paper finishes by considering how cultural heritage might be developed as a discrete sector, where the activity of Conservation-Restoration is situated alongside all other heritage related activities.


Conservation-Restoration; NACE; ISCO; Cultural Heritage; ESSnet-Culture; Voices of Culture; heritage professions


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Elis Marçal, Susan Corr, David Aguilella Cueco, Jeremy Hutchings, Conor Newman. (2020) On the Classification of the Cultural Heritage Sector within NACE. International Journal of Cultural Heritage, 5, 23-31


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